COVID-19 In Salon Update

At A Fox International, as we always have will take every measure possible to keep our clients and team members safe during this pandemic. The State of Michigan required us to disinfect and sterilize tools before the start of a pandemic to protect clients against viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection. However, high sanitary standards have now become even more important. Disinfection is a process in which only vegetative forms of microorganisms are destroyed, so it does not provide complete protection against infection. Our tools should therefore be sterilized, which destroys all forms of microorganisms

We will be wearing personal protective equipment such as face masks (required), shields and googles as needed for each service. We also will regularly sanitize all equipment, gowns/capes and shared spaces. We use Non-Chemical Sterilizers (UV Sterilizers) and Spray Sterilizers away from the inhalation of clients and sanitize our hands between each client and throughout the day.

We ask that all clients and team members wear masks when entering the building. We ask that you do a self- temperature check (located on the wall) and sanitize hands with auto dispenser stand, both located in reception area, upon entering hair salon styling area.

Be ON TIME for your appointment and enter to the reception area. Appointments are scattered so there is no need to call or sit in car for appointments. Please DO NOT bring Any Guest, Food, Drinks, and any Un-necessary items, No congregating and excessive talking, and stay at least 6 feet away from others when possible. We do provide water in plastic cover disposable cups as needed in break area only.

If you are sick PLEASE STAY HOME, since today we cannot tell the difference from the Covid-19 or the common cold, allergies or flu.

Together We Can Make A Difference,

A Fox International

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